We invite you to Relax, Rejuvenate,and Reconnect with the loved ones in your life.


Give your family the best Summer Vacation, a vacation to Medicine Bow Lodge Dude Ranch. You can still schedule your family Renuion this summer, but we need to know when you want to come.  Call us at (800) 409-5439.



What can we say? Shes a beauty. Black paint with some white spots. Shes a pretty small horse compared to all of our others
She is our pretty Bay Appaloosa. Super calm and easy mare
Black Bay. White Stripe in the middle of his face. Easy going horse. Fast and smooth
Pedro is a man's horse. He has an exceptional smooth walk. Women like him too he never lets you down.
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Hidalgo is big stout paint. He has perfect markings with a saddle on his back. He is green right now, but will be ready to ride sometime this summer by staff. He is becomign a great trail horse sturdy and solid. Hidalgo is still a work in progress so be prepaird if he acts up on Tim.
Bay is a really pretty bay about 15 hands tall. Our Staff and guest have really enjoyed him this summer. 
Solid favorite and doing very well this summer. Stue always travels with his girls, Cassie, Beauty and Mona.
Our youngest horse, beautiful buckskin mare.
Comanchie is a solid Paint, very easy to ride. He has a wonderful blue eye.
Small sorrel, fast, steady, we think he may be a pasofina cross.