We invite you to Relax, Rejuvenate,and Reconnect with the loved ones in your life.


Give your family the best Summer Vacation, a vacation to Medicine Bow Lodge Dude Ranch. You can still schedule your family Renuion this summer, but we need to know when you want to come.  Call us at (800) 409-5439.


Our Webcam


Click here for Medicine Bow live web cam Time Laps player.

Click here for More Live Webcams from coloradowebcam.net network.


Our WEBCAM is installed and managed by www.coloradowebcam.net web managers.  Since we have very slow internet with Satellite we have to use a Time Laps player to provide images to customers, and cannot provide real time streaming.  Still we send an image live every 10 minutes, so as long as our internet is working the image is current.   There is a Time Laps Player available.  You have options available including Stopping and starting the player, moving frame by frame, control the speed, and the direction of view.  You also have the option to reload the viewer with different dates.  It will start up by taking the last 248 images loaded, and play them.  After that you can reload with a different date range.