We invite you to Relax, Rejuvenate,and Reconnect with the loved ones in your life.


Give your family the best Summer Vacation, a vacation to Medicine Bow Lodge Dude Ranch. You can still schedule your family Renuion this summer, but we need to know when you want to come.  Call us at (800) 409-5439.


Summers are Special and Beautiful

"The Adventure Begins When You Cross Our Cattle Guard"

       Life Time Memories, Slow Pace, Adventurous, Off The Beaten Path



Families Are Important To Us

Life Time Memories

Western ranches can provide you with amazing experiences and a very memorable week.Here at the Medicine Bow Lodge we are excited committed to giving you an unforgettable vacation with the people you care about the most.

Slow Pace

We offer one of the most laid back atmospheres possible at our guest ranch. We believe that people need time to actually relax during their vacation and the Mountains of Wyoming can be the perfect setting for just that.


This is the most exciting part of what we have to offer. It’s a time when we help you to retain your spirit of youth and we endeavor to make you feel like a kid again. During this portion we encourage you to find your adventure. If its hiking you love then we will pack you a lunch. If a line in the water sounds appealing, then we will lead you to the perfect fishing hole. But if horseback riding is your hearts desire then you are looking in just the right place. We offer some of the most pristine riding country the west has to offer. We can even ride deep into our Medicine Bow mountains and experience a real overnight pack trip in the West. To say it very plainly, we would like you to feel Alive again.

Off The Beaten Path

Our mountains seem to have an extraordinary way of helping people realize what is most important in life. We hear this time after time from our guest, " This is one of the reasons we love coming to Medicine Bow Lodge is because, you are off the beaten path."  A traffic jam for us is a heard of elk crossing the road, deer making their way to the next green pastures, cows being moved, or a moose that is taking a stroll.

Tim and Debbie Bishop (owners and managers)